How To Deal with a Cheating Husband Spiritually or Biblically

How To Deal with a Cheating Husband Spiritually or Biblically

Marriage is an integral part of one’s life. When you choose to spend your life with someone who you love the most and care for dearly, you feel like you are finally complete.

You choose to face any tough time together and be partners through sickness and health. However, this world is a cruel place. It keeps challenging the love and trust between you and your spouse. One of the most crucial challenges a marriage might face is an unfaithful spouse.

How to Deal with a Cheating Husband Biblically

Your emotional affairs are possibly a mess if you have just found out that your husband has had an extramarital relationship. After the initial shock and disbelief, you must be feeling conflicting emotions of sadness and anger towards him. It is not an easy phase in your life, and it requires you to be very strong so you can make the right decisions. It is essential to maintain faith in God even with a broken heart because God will help you get through it all.

Let yourself feel whatever Emotions come up.

It is okay if you feel weak at this moment. You are going through a massive emotional trauma and have just lost faith in someone so close to your heart. You don’t have to be strong forcefully. Let yourself feel and digest all that has happened.

If you push yourself to be assertive without digesting, your mental health will crumble, and this difficult time will haunt you in the future. It is okay to be angry and to be sad. All this pain is just an important lesson from God. Turn to the people who genuinely love you and are here for you, as they will be the ones who will be your helping hand.

Turn to God for comfort.

You might feel like everything you have ever known has just been destroyed. This challenging time will make you question everything and everyone around you, and your feelings might even become hard for you to understand. It is the time that you should turn to God.

If you stay connected to God, your heart will get lighter. He hears and makes decisions best in your interest, so you should have blind trust in Him. He is the only ever-present help, and He is the only one who can ease our hearts.

Talk to your husband about why he cheated.

To get over these challenging times in your life, you might want to seek some closure. You can only get closure if you know why your spouse decided to make this decision that destroyed your otherwise beautiful relationship. Ask him the basic questions such as

  • Who did this extramarital affair happen with?
  • How long had it been going on?
  • When did it start?
  • What was the reason for cheating?

Do not detail, as this will disturb you even more and worsen your mental health condition. If your husband is willing to talk, listen to him calmly and don’t give him the satisfaction of seeing you in pain. If you feel you cannot talk to him alone, bring along a marriage counselor who can be your mental support during this time.

Don’t blame yourself for what happened.

Sometimes, it is easy to blame ourselves for others’ mistakes. We think that we must have done something wrong which caused us to take such drastic measures. However, this is not the case. You are not at fault and should not blame yourself.

Even if you made mistakes, you did not go out seeking love from someone else. Your husband should be held accountable for his actions and for breaking the marriage covenant. Express to your spouse how much pain they have caused you with their action and hold them responsible.

Be patient with yourself.

Emotional affairs take time to get to every day. Being in such a situation where your beloved has been unfaithful can cause a depressive disorder and stress.

Take things slow and give yourself time to heal. It takes time to get out of such trauma. If you push yourself to get out of it, some parts of your might remain unhealed and cause pain.

Try to fulfill your daily tasks like you used to, but even if you aren’t able to, don’t be too hard on yourself. You will be back on your feet soon.

Write down your feelings.

When young, girls love to have diaries. They note down everyday events and their feelings about them. It helps to lighten your heart.

Maybe it is time to start writing in your diary again. Talk about your emotions and what you are feeling. Writing everything you feel can help you figure out what you have to do faster. It can make your thoughts and emotions clearer for you to comprehend.

Pray for your husband.

You might not be in a peaceful place right now, but you have loved your spouse. Even if he did wrong to you and acted like an utter fool, you should pray for him. Pray for his forgiveness and for him to be shown the proper path. If you pray for him, God will be very pleased and double the blessings he intends to send your way.

How do you overcome a cheating husband?

Overcoming a cheating husband is a very tough job. When you find out someone you love and hold so dear has been with someone else, your trust completely shatters, and your heart breaks. It takes time to heal from that sort of pain. To get through this time:

  • Try to find closure by asking questions from your husband that will help you gain his perspective.
  • Talk to God and seek his mercy and guidance to get through this time.
  • Try to work things out with a third person, such as a marriage counselor, if you feel like it.

How do Christians get over husband cheating?

To get over her husband’s infidelity, a Christian wife will have to become close to God and open up to him. She must ask for peace of heart and the will to move on. It is essential to have a group of friends who will get you through this tough time. They will be your support and will be the ones you can talk to and get their opinions.

It is also essential to confront your spouse and hold them accountable. Act them about the reasons for this act. If you feel like you want to work over things, you both will have to work hard.

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Can God forgive infidelity?

Even though God has prescribed the punishment of stoning to death if one has committed adultery, God can still be very forgiving. It has been mentioned in the Holy Bible that the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross covers all the sins. It means that if we go to God with genuine regret and ask for his forgiveness, he shall forgive all our sins, including the sin of infidelity, and divorces his wife.

What questions should I ask my cheating husband?

There must be many questions when you find out about infidelity. When you sit down to talk with your husband about it, you must ask the following questions:

  • Who was the person you were cheating on me with?
  • When did this start?
  • Who started this?
  • How many times has this happened?
  • Did you think of me before you decided to cheat?
  • Do you feel the slightest guilt?
  • Are you in love with her?
  • Do you want a future with her?

Can I ever forgive my husband for cheating?

Forgiving someone after they have cheated on you can be a challenging task. It leaves a scar on your soul and makes it hard to forgive.

However, you must pray to God to give you the strength to forgive, as this will heal your soul. If you keep anger inside, it will poison you slowly. So it is better to forgive and have a fresh start indeed.

Can a relationship go back to normal after cheating?

It will take time, but yes, your relationship can go back to normal after cheating. Both parties in this relationship will have to put in a lot of work to make things right. The person who cheated will need to rebuild their trust and show that they will not do that again. The other person will need to learn to trust again and have faith in God’s mercy.

What’s God’s punishment for Adultery?

The punishment for adulterers has been provided in the Bible. It has been mentioned that both the adulterer and adulteress must be stoned to death. It is what they deserve.

Can God save my Marriage after Infidelity?

Yes. Through God’s help, a marriage can be saved even after your partner’s sexual affair. Not only can it sustain, but it can also grow more robust. God is the most powerful, and all such matters are in His hands. However, God will only make your marriage work if your spouse wants to stay and start over.

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FAQ – How to Deal with a Cheating Husband Spiritually

Ask your husband to explain what happened.

Your heart must have broken into millions of tiny little pieces when you found out about your husband’s infidelity. It would help if you healed from that trauma, but you will not be able to heal unless you know what caused him to be unfaithful. You will keep questioning yourself.

To find closure, you must ask your husband what happened and why did it happen. Ask him who the person he cheated on you with, how many times it happened, and how long it went on. Such questions will help you understand the situation and find closure.

How do I get revenge on a cheating husband?

The only way to get revenge on a cheating husband is by leaving him. This person does not deserve you and your love. Confront them and ask them to explain their actions.

Once you have your answers, leave and never look back. Heal yourself and try to start over. Someone meant for you will come your way, and you’ll find happiness.

How do I restore my marriage after infidelity?

It is tough to begin a new healthy relationship with your spouse after they have been unfaithful to you. The thought of them cheating will always stay in your head. However, some things can help you get through this:
·   Try to find out answers to why you were cheated on and try to heal yourself.
·   If you want to be separated from your spouse and get a divorce, have a trial separation period first.
·   Accountability for one’s actions is essential. Point out what your partner did wrong and how they should have come to you.
·   A faith-based counselor might help you resolve your issues.
·   Try to find it in yourself to trust people again.

Is it God’s will to Restore my Marriage?

If you go to any faith-based counselor, they will tell you that it is God’s will to restore your marriage. However much God may want to restore your marriage, your spouse is the one who decides whether they want to stay or not. God does not hold anyone bound in a relationship that they don’t want to be in.

How can I pray to save my Marriage?

Being a Christian wife, you can pray to your Lord to save your marriage. If you wholeheartedly ask Him to heal your broken marriage and fill it with love, there is no doubt that God will help you save your marriage.

You can ask God to give you signs regarding making things better and please him. Ask him to take out any pride and selfishness from your heart that destroys your relationship.

Does infidelity pain ever go away?

According to researchers, people take a minimum of 1.5 to 2 years to heal from the emotional damage caused by an unfaithful spouse. The pain fades away slowly, and it takes time to ease your heart.

You cannot expect to be okay overnight. Even if you do feel okay, there will be moments when you have flashbacks from your relationship, making it hard for you to breathe.

Conclusion – Deal with a Cheating Husband

If a person has cheated on their spouse, it will become hard for them to regain their trust. Even with a repentant heart, it can take a long time to make things better. The covenant of marriage promises to stick by your partner through all the good times and the bad. But you have to do so with love instead of going to other people.

Such a betrayal can repeatedly cause your heartbreak and cause some severe mental health conditions. If you cannot stay with someone much longer, it is better to let them know instead of going behind their back. Right ear ringing meaning.

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